Subregion 7 Planning Areas

Planning Areas

  • PA 76A - The Heights
  • PA 76B - Henson Creek
  • PA 80 - South Potomac Sector

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PA 76A

Planning Area 76A is located along the District of Columbia's southern boundary. It includes all the land that is inside the Beltway, south of Suitland Parkway. Two municipalities located within the planning area are: Morningside and Forest Heights.

PA 76B & PA 80

Henson Creek-South Potomac encompasses two planning areas in the southwestern part of Prince George's County along the Potomac River. It includes the communities of Oxon Hill, Fort Washington, Tantallon, Friendly and Camp Springs. It is bounded on the north by the Capital Beltway; on the east by Andrews Air Force Base, Branch Avenue (MD 5), Meetinghouse Branch, Tinkers Creek, Steed Road, Allentown Road, Old Fort Road, and Gallahan Road; on the south by Piscataway Creek; and on the west by the Potomac River. Major north-south highways include Indian Head Highway (MD 210) and Branch Avenue (MD 5). East-west roads include Oxon Hill Road, Brinkley Road, Palmer Road and Allentown Road. Major parks include Fort Washington National Park, Henson Creek Stream Valley Park (M-NCPPC), and the Harmony Hall Regional Arts and Activities Center (M-NCPPC). The proposed National Harbor development is located in the northwestern part of this area, along the Potomac River at I-95.

Prince George's County Census Application

This Census Application was developed to facilitate the access and display of Census Information. The information accessible through this application was developed by the Census Bureau with additional data formatting and processing done by the Maryland State Data Center. The GIS data and map services hosted for this application are maintained by the Prince George’s County Planning Department.

It contains:

  • 2000 and 2010 Census Boundaries
  • 2000 and 2010 Census count and estimate information aggregated by tract and zip code tabulation areas (ZCTA)
  • American Community Survey five-year data representing 2009-13 and 2010-14 information aggregated by tract and ZCTA


PA 76A

  • Size of planning area: 12.4 square miles
  • Number of dwellings: 23,796 dwelling units (1999)
  • Population: 57,163 (1999)
  • Employment (number of employees): 15,744 (1995)

PA 76B & PA 80

  • Size of planning area: 32 square miles
  • Number of dwellings: 27,268 (1999)
  • Population: 73,155 (1999)
  • Employment (number of employees): 14,002 (1995)

Master Plan & Other Publications

PA 76A

  • Subregion 7 Master Plan (1981)
  • Subregion 7 Sectional Map Amendment (1984)
  • Suitland Road Corridor Study (June 1989)
  • St. Barnabas Road Commercial Corridor Enhancement Study (1985)
  • The Heights Public Forum Information Brochure, June 1996
  • The Heights and Vicinity Preliminary Master Plan and Proposed Sectional Map Amendment (1999)
  • Approved Heights and Vicinity Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (2000) not yet in print

PA 76B & PA 80

  • Subregion 7 Master Plan (1981) and Sectional Map Amendment (1984)
  • Subregion 7 Master Plan-Henson Creek-South Potomac (1981)
  • Subregion 7 SMA (1984)
  • Broad Creek Historic District Study (1983)
  • Broad Creek Historic District Design Guidelines (1987)
  • Broad Creek Historic District-Livingston Road Streetscape Guidelines and Alternatives (1995)

Plan Updates / Amendments

PA 76A (2000-2001)

  • The Heights and Vicinity Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment
  • Approved November 21, 2000 - CR-68-2000
  • Subregion 7 Master Plan - Henson Creek-South Potomac - Approved October 20, 1981 CR-57-1981
  • Subregion 7 Sectional Map Amendment - Approved July 24, 1984 CR-100-1984

PA 76B & PA 80

  • None (2000-2001)

Applicable Master and Sector Plans

Subregion 7 Map