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Arts and Cultural Heritage Division

Tara Eggleston Division Chief 301-446-3235
Darlene Watkins Assistant Division Chief 301-446-3236
Phil Davis  Countywide Arts Coordinator, Community Arts 301 446-3225
Stuart Diekmeyer Visual Arts Specialist 301 446-3251
Sonya Kitchens Countywide Arts Coordinator, Arts Centers 301 377-7800
Stewart Seal Countywide Arts Program Coordinator, Youth Services 301-446-3237
Alec Simpson Countywide Arts Coordinator, Public and Visual Art 301 446-3237
Christel Stevens Performing Arts Specialist 301-446-3238
Elizabeth Malone Arts Specialist 301-446-3232
Deletta Gillespie Arts Specialist 301-446-3243
Stephen Spotswood Marketing and Media Specialist 301 446-3244
Whitney Geohagan Arts on a Roll Event Coordinator 301-446-3242
April Monu  Arts on a Roll Client Relations, Bookings, and Community Outreach Coordinator 301-446-3220

Brentwood Arts Exchange

Spencer Dormitzer Director 301-277-2863
Natalie Fulgencio-Turner Assistant Director 301-277-3130

Harmony Hall Arts Center

Pamela London Acting Director 301-203-6070
Sheryl Fry Technical Director 301-203-6066

Montpelier Arts Center

Elizabeth Crisman Director 301-377-7800
Sara Morgan Assistant Director 301 377-7807

The Publick Playhouse

Omrao Brown Director 301-277-0005
Cheryl Lee Technical Director 301-227-1711