Architectural Conservation Plan & Overlay Zone

As housing preferences have changed and (re)development pressures have accelerated, the residents of the City of Mount Rainier have expressed concerns about maintaining the character of their neighborhoods and the affordability of their homes while proactively curbing the "mansionization" trend that has affected many communities in Prince George's County. Residents have noted a particular interest to help ensure that new infill development, additions, and major renovations respect the historic context, architectural character, and scale of the Mount Rainier's established neighborhoods.
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The Prince George's County District Council created the Architectural Conservation Overlay Zone (ACOZ) tool in 2012 to provide a regulatory framework to preserve and protect the architectural or design character in established communities while promoting appropriate, well-planned development and redevelopment that is consistent with the surrounding neighborhoods and adjoining areas.

The purpose of this project is to preserve and protect the architectural and historic character and scale of the City of Mount Rainier's single-family neighborhoods.