Transportation Planners Responsibilities


  • Adequate Public Facilities
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Mandatory Referrals
  • Master Plan Highways
  • National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) Coordination
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning
  • Regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Coordination

  • Roadway and Highway Capacity and Operations
  • Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Travel Demand Forecasting
  • Travel Demand Modeling

Employee Responsibilities

Employee Title Responsibilities
Bryan Barnett-Woods
Acting Transportation Supervisor - Bikeways and Trails Planning
- Bicycle and Trails Advisory Group (BTAG)
- Coordination with Transportation Planning Board (TPB)/Council of Government (COG)
- Development Review
- Pedestrian Mobility and Facilities Planning
Vacant N/A - Highway Coordination
- Land Use/Transportation Coordination
- Mandatory Referrals for Transportation Projects
- Transit Planning TOD/TDM
Vacant N/A - Coordination with TPB/COG
- Development Review
- Transit District Overlay Zoning (TDOZ) and Transit-oriented Development (TOD)
- Transportation Engineering
Fred Shaffer Planner Coordinator - Bikeways and Trails Planning
- Coordination with TPB/COG
- Development Review
- Pedestrian Mobility and Facilities Planning
Glen Burton Planner Coordinator - Development Review
- Geographic Information Systems
- US 301 Corridor
- Transportation Engineering
Manfredo Davila Planner Coordinator - Design, Data Systems Development, and Maintenance
- TRansportation ANalysis & SIMulation System & Activity Based Tour Oriented Model
- Travel Demand Modeling Coordinator

Tom Masog Master Planner 
Transportation Section
Vacant N/A - Council of Government’s Traffic Forecasting Subcommittee member
- Development Review: traffic mitigation and site plan reviews
- Traffic Model Development and Database Manager (Applications)

Wil Vines Planner Technician - Master Plan Rights-of-Way
- Permit review
- Public Information
- Reservation Plats